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    distro DSL and apt-get update error

    I've installed distro DSL (Damn Small Linux).
    I've enable apt but Apt-get doesn't work! (timeout errors in apt-get update)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello and welcome.

    If your internet connection is working it may mean the repo is too busy, or down for an update. Have you tried updating again since posting?

    Also, would help to post the contents of the /etc/apt/sources.list file.

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    My sources.list file:

    deb h t t p:// /debian / woody main contrib non-free

    now is:
    deb h t t p:// /debian /dists /woody main contrib non-free

    I cannot post link!

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    Checked the new DSL forum and found an admin's post from Oct of last year about their latest release...
    There are limitations to apt in DSL. You may have better luck by downloading the .debs and installing them manually with dpkg.

    dpkg -i --force-all file.deb
    DSL is maybe eight months into reactivating development after several years of being dormant. The update problem is Debian's Woody release expired in 2008 and no one maintains the remaining packages kept in the archives. Most (if not all) packages have been updated or rewritten since then. I wish them well but they've got a ways to go before the system is developed for current deb packages.

    If you want an active, current featherweight distro, check out TinyCore, SliTaz, Austrumi, Slax or Puppy. Among them, Slax and Puppy are more beginner-friendly.

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    Thanks for the reply,

    I was tired, so I've installed lubuntu Alternate install CD. It works fine!

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    Glad ya found one to yer liking and got it up and running.

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