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  1. #51 I am female. What is PEBKAU? I can't even see a video black box right now. There is always an empty, white space on the page. It won't even show up. Guess forget about this? I cannot install Ubuntu 12.0 because tried it from neighbor's disk and from website for Linux and I can't get a usb mouse to work with it. What else could I do that would work with usb mouse easier and be able to view videos? I have done so much installing and uninstalling my poor tower.

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    Goodness learn something new every day. So drivers are not the same. Didn't know about hardware. Never even been inside a computer before and wouldn't know what to do in there.

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    oh ho so PEBKAU is an insult to me? well I never! Problem between keyboard and user? psssst

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    RE: Didn't see else in the list. A lot of others, however.
    You Karma that you have not wished but the Gods have destined to you is to become the most acquainted person with Linux OSs ... & Firefox within a radius of 1000 miles.
    Open the terminal and write:
    $ firefox -jsconsole
    and see the error messages there.
    Skip the messages with the warning sign, skip the messages with the light bulb pictogram & pay attemtion to the messages with the no-entry sign (errors on loading firefox) - if any.
    Right click with the mouse one-by-one on ALL of the messages with no-entry sign, copy them into a text file, then copy and paste the error report here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vocaldix View Post
    oh ho so PEBKAU is an insult to me? well I never! Problem between keyboard and user? psssst
    I apologize if you take offense. I only mentioned this because you have been given pages and pages of advice and listen to some and ignore others.
    I don't see anyone on this forum recommending that you install Debian 7. Mint 13 Mate with Codecs maybe. But not Debian whose philosophy follows
    non proprietary initial install and requires a experienced linux user to tweak to ones preferences using non-free proprietary software.

    My wife yells at me once in a while, so I apologize again for being a crude, rude, tattooed biker who has no manners. I will back out of your thread now and
    let the more proficient users on this forum advise you. Sorry.
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    I was not talking to you rokytnji! So, so sorry. I was talking to that newbie above. Yes, you and others did mention Mint 13 Mate and I believe I answered that I only have CD-Roms and have to buy DVD's to download it to install it. Just got social security check so will buy some this weekend. I will let you all go from this thread. I want to thank you all so much for trying to help me and forgive my ignorance and installing a hard OS. You have not been crude nor rude. The other one offends me. I tried downloading Mint to cd-rom and got message I didn't have enough space on it and needed a dvd. I have tried to answer and post what you have given me in answers. Goodbye and God Bless.

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    I got: command not found. Good bye and thanks for your assistance. I am not posting here again.

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    I still think most of your problems are related to the BIOS problem that initially caused XP to mess up.

    I would recommend seeing if there is a Linux User Group nearby and some kind soul might have a look at it.

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    They probably are. Error blue page with xP said something about Bios and to contact my vendor. I did that and had no answer. I will use this OS to check email and then probably wipe the harddrive and trash the thing. Thanks.

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