So I got a wifi pcmcia card for my Dell Inspiron 8000 notebook and i installed Weezy to the thing and after getting the drivers for the video setup correctly and everything else i still cant make my wifi pcmcia card fully connect to access points. I had an install of Windows 2000 on another drive and the card works fine on it and connects to a legacy AP i made that uses WEP.

Im using Weezy and pcmcia linksys wpc11 v3.0 card which uses a Prism chipset.

The machine recognizes access points and will attempt to connect to them it will ask me for a password which i provide correctly and it will try and connect but never does and just loops. (asking for the key again because it disconnects). I have tried on a AP with zero encryption and open i get the same issues, it continually reconnects and never fully completes the connection.

I have a pastebin of my sys log found here: in

(honestly i can understand the purpose of not having html's in posts without 15 posts but I had to make a new account sometime ago or something I forgot now and I didnt have time to post 15 posts to people back then and now i have a question. I swear i had a more used account but w/e.)

I really want this to work its pretty much the only thing i have left to configure...