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    Dual Boot Windows 7 64bit, debian amd64

    Hi there I hope this is the right place to post because I've managed to install debian I just can't get to it) I really want to use debian but I cant get rid of windows unfortunately. so, I've just installed debian in my pc in a spare 10gb partition on my HD had (had win7 already on) and everything went fine but when I reboot I don't have the option to boot into debian. I thought easyBCD 2.2 would help by it can't even see the debian installation and I have no idea of the right settings are to use the "Add new entry" feature. I've see online that Linux has problems with over 4 partitions so I looked and my SSD/HD(Kingston solid state hard drive) and it is as follows:

    |----a------|----b ----|----c----|-------d-------|------------e-----------------|
    |----*:-----|----*:-----|----f:---|------ *:-------|------------c:----------------|
    |--100mb--|--1mb --|--11gb--|---537mb----|----------100gb-------------|

    a =
    I think that the windows boot manager
    21.77mb used

    b , c , d =
    These where all created the debian installer I chose the option to have every thing in one place

    b =
    "other" is hear is I think because I'm using windows and it cant detect the type
    1mb used

    c =
    this is my debian install
    3.68gb used

    d =
    not sure what the hell this is
    4.00kb used

    e =
    this is my standard windows C drive
    60gb used

    Processor: Intel core i7-3820
    RAM: 8gb

    does any one have any ideas????

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    which operating system can you login now windows 7 or debian by default?

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