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    Problem with rsync


    I tried to download a script from a server in UK (company server). This is the command I used :

    #rsync -av --delete /root/new_debian_install
    However, I get this error :

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    rsync:failed to connect to ( timed out (110)
    rsync error : error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(122) [Receiver=3.0.9]
    To resolve this problem, I tried a few things :

    1) Check the firewall port :

    #egrep rsync /etc/services
    rsync                         TCP/873
    rsync                         UDP/873
    Apparently the ports are open.

    2) Then I test the connection with telnet. However, I get the error : telnet not found. When I attempt to install telnet & telnetd, I get the error No package telnet found.

    Could this be because I have not setup the repository?

    3) Then I create a file /etc/rsyncd.conf with these parameters :

    max connections = 1
    log file = /var/log/rsync.log
    timeout = 300
    comment = Cache of Mongrels
    path = /usr/local/cache
    read only = no
    list = yes
    uid = nobody
    gid = nogroup
    #auth users = mongrel
    list = yes
    hosts allow =
    #secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secrets

    4) I try to edit the file /etc/inetd.conf, with the parameters below, but this file is not available. Can I just create this file?

    rsync stream tcp nowait root /usr/bin/rsync rsync --daemon
    5) I then attempted to start rsync, but I get this error :
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    rsync daemon not enabled in /etc/default/rsync, not starting... (warning).
    But the directory 'default' does not even exist in /etc. What more the file rsync?

    Please help me resolve this issue.

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    It looks like rsync is not listening on the other end. is there any specific reason you're not using rsync over SSH? it is the preferred way of using it these days. can you try using it via ssh, for example:

    rsync -Wav -e ssh <user> /path/where/you/want/it/transferred
    also, /etc/services has nothing to do that the ports are open. it is a plain ASCII file providing a mapping between human-friendly textual names for internet services. see `man services` for more information. instead, you may want to use `netstat` or `ss` to check if rsync is listening on the system

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    Somehow the /etc/default/rsync appeared the next day when I checked, I don't know how, and so I started rsync, and it worked.
    This time, however, when I run that command :
    #rsync -av --delete /root/new_debian_install
    I get this error :

    HTML Code:
    ssh:connect to host
    port 22: Connection timed out
    rsync : Connection unexpectedly closed ( 0 bytes received so far ) [Receiver]
    rsync : error : unexplained error ( code 255 ) at io.c (605) [Receiver = 3.0.9]
    How do I start troubleshooting, and above all, how do I resolve this issue?

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    It means your source system was unable to connect to the target system over SSH on port 22. If SSH is running on non-default port on the remote host, you can use

    # rsync -Wav -e 'ssh -p <PORT>' <user> /path/where/you/want/it/transferred
    you can check on what port SSH is listening by either running:

    # netstat -tunlp | grep ssh

    # ss -tnlp | grep ssh
    if there's a firewall in front of the target host, you may also want to check if it's not filtering your traffic.

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