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    Disable sleep/hibernate

    I'm running Debian 7.0 on a BeagleBone Black (it's a small ARM computer like a Raspberry Pi). I'm having a problem: it goes to sleep after about ten minutes if I don't press something on the keyboard. So, if I'm logged into it through SSH from another computer, the connection will die when it goes to sleep. I'm planning on using this as a home server, so that's no good.

    I've found some posts where people said how to disable sleeping or hibernating, but they all say to click something in the system preferences in KDE/Gnome. Is there just a plain command-line way of making sure the computer always stays on?

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    You can read about how to use "pm-utils" and "xset" for power management and screensaver/sleep.
    I know that to disable screensaver and prevent monitor sleep(black,poweroff) you can use
    xset -dpms s off
    and to enable them
    xset +dpms s on
    I have'nt used pm-utils but they are for managing of hibernate mode. You can find it in "packages" on Or just try to use
    apt-get install pm-utils
    "powermgmt-base" is a part of the pm-utils.
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    Awesome, thank you!

    I didn't have xset on my computer already, so I had to
    apt-get install x11-xserver-utils
    For anyone looking to do this as well, someone on the Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange forum recommends
    xset s off
    to disable the screensaver, and
    xset s noblank
    to keep the video device on. For a server, these may not be important. (I can't post links yet, but try Googling "raspberry pi How do I prevent the screen from going blank" to find the post.)

    Thanks again!

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