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    Adding programs to menus and giving some root priv.


    I have a current Debian Linux installed (64 bit) and noticed that at least one of the items I use is no longer in the menu. When I click on my username at the top of the screen there used to be an entry to do a shutdown of the machine. It is no longer there, so I would to 'restore' it to the previous entry. I can only assume that I somehow clicked on it and removed it.

    It comes back to the general idea of how is a menu populated and the command built for the menu to function.

    I have done some things that require files to be in the system area of the machine and using the 'files' GUI is handy. Is there some way to invoke this with root powers? I would hope I could add a line to some flat file and have this work, but don't know where to look this up.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, will keep my eye open.


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    Go to the top panel on the window where the quick-start and menu items are (and where the shutdown icon used to be). Then, right click on the panel. One of the entries should be "Add to Panel". Select that. Then scroll down the list of items. Somewhere near the bottom should be a "Shutdown" option, which if you click on will be added to the panel. You can then move that to where you want.

    FWIW, an update of my system did the same thing...
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    Rubberman, I tried that and I get the same no matter which button on the mouse I click. Both are identical. I'm pretty sure that's what happened to me as I have upgraded a few times then all of a sudden NO Shutdown! Thanks if you have any other insight into this problem, please let me know...



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    Have you asked over on the Debian forums?

    Debian User Forums ? Index page

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    Quote Originally Posted by docbop View Post
    Have you asked over on the Debian forums?

    Debian User Forums ? Index page
    I have posted a more specific, but similar post there. If there is a satisfactory reply, I will copy the post over here, as nobody seems to know the answer..


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    Which desktop is this in?
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    Quote Originally Posted by elija View Post
    Which desktop is this in?
    Is not that more about the windows manager used ?
    (I may be wrong, I just started to search for an answer for that post 2-3 days ago.)

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    You know, I just asked for a GUI interface and it was there. How do you determine which desktop you are running? That may be a good start and maybe with that answer I can track it down. I have posted at the suggested Debian site, with no response. I was hoping to hear something...

    At one point, I was browsing with the file manager and I manged to add one of the directories that I commonly use to the ones on the left. I now have a couple more and would like to add those also, I've tried to drag and drop, but It only lets me move the directory to some other directory, which is not what I want. I can find no documents on how to do this. I'm sure I did it with my Downloads directory as it wasn't in there when I first built the machine.

    Anyone has any suggestions, please drop them in... I will do what I can to get all of these questions answered. Seems like I've asked the tough ones. Although I would think these would be rather usual, nobody seems to have an answer. Yes I'm aware of the dumbest person can ask the smartest person questions they cannot answer. But these seem like the normal path of questions. Like to make a file browser that is running in root mode or be able to change modes (chmod) from within the GUI...

    Thanks to everyone that has, at least, read my questions...


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    The answer to most of your questions is it depends. Linux is a broad and varied palette so to get good answers you often have to make your question detailed and specific.

    Desktop. Try:
    Mine say xubuntu - which by default means xfce. Many of the desktops will have some information somewhere in the desktop menu that will give the information. Mine has a menu entry "About XFCE" in the first level of the applications menu.

    File manager. It will depend on what one you're using. If you ask a question, make sure the forum is appropriate and you give some detail - make the title clear, simple and direct to get the right attention. I can tell you that in Thunar -the fm I use - I can drag and drop short cuts to the appropriate section of the interface. This is explained in Thunar's documentation along with other customization details such as the suitably geeky hidden settings. This won't help you if you're not using Thunar.

    To run a file manager in "root mode" start it as root. Having said that - I don't recommend actually doing it. I can chmod any file I own from thunar. Other fms I've used gave that ability as well. Perhaps yours does too but you'll need to post information about the program you're using if you want help.

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    Gregm, thanks for the reply... When I do the submitted command:

    It just replies with "default", which is no help, as far as I can see.

    I would assume that I need to find the actual program to run it as root, which is a problem as I don't seem to be able to find any clue as to what's being executed when I click on an menu or icon. When I right click I get something like "new window" or "remove from Menu" as the options. As far as the fm is concerned, I understand the problem running the fm as root, but I'm really looking for the way to implement it as a clickable menu. I also have some need to invoke the format option with a specific volume, that has also eluded me. Even some clue as where to look for what desktop may help me resolve some of these problems.

    I've read through the docs on the fm I'm using, but there are not many things mentioned in the on-line help and I don't know what it's invoking to chase it down further. It would be nice to be able to look at some file or something to determine how a command or program is being invoked. Also, I have tried to put stuff that's software related in it's appropriate area, but I understand that sometimes this changes as the replies change the actual (or original) question.

    Although I've been around computers a lot, and have worked in many technological areas, I still feel a lot of the process that are used are 'hidden' form users like me or just very difficult to find the answer. Believe me I would rather find it than wait for an answer, especially if the answer is never revealed! Seems that menus would be someplace that all (even semi technical) persons would like to modify with items that they use the most, but that doesn't seem to be the case. When asked what desktop, I'm not sure and I guess I get the "default" what ever that is. It doesn't seem like a 'good' answer, so I feel as lost as I was when I asked the question, I hope you see where I'm coming from. I really am happy that we have this mode to get help, but sometimes I feel I'm beating my head on the wall as the information is not where I expect information to be. That's enough wining, where would you suggest this be posted?



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