Dispite being somewhat of a PITA to install Kali LInux 1.0.6 has some pretty cool tools to get your SDR(Software Defined Radio) up and running right out of the box.
I struggled trying to install tarballs for SDR projects like Gqrx, GNU Radio and others always running into Dependency issues but Kali has everything "good to go" on install. I hooked up my RTL2832U dongle and antenna and opened up Gqrx and BINGO, instant SDR.
If anyone else is having issues trying to get SDR going and you have the drive space or just want to run Kali as your "Daily Driver" like I'm doing now then give it an install and I'm sure you'll really like what you get.
Also, you can install Gnome Tweak Tool and tweak the GNOME 3 Classic DE to suite your needs and the Classic DE is still pretty light weight only using around 155MB of RAM to run on.
Anyway, just wanted to share. Talk to ya'll later.