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    problem to install firewall GreenSQL

    hello ,
    i try to install the firewall Green Sql on Debian , but in the official website i find that it is not free to install it ; but i did some research on net so i find a paquet .deb so i try widh it

    dpkg -i greensql-fw_1.3.0_amd64.deb

    dpkg: regarding greensql-containing fw_1.3.0_amd64.deb greensql-fw, pre-dependency problem:
    greensql-fw pre-depends on libevent-1.4-2 (> = 1.4.13-stable)

    dpkg: error processing greensql-fw_1.3.0_amd64.deb (- install):
    pre-dependency problem - not installed greensql-fw
    Errors were encountered while processing:

    So what does mean this error ? there is no possibilty to get it for free ? because i 'am just a trainee

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    The existence of an install file doesn't infer something is free though that may well be a free version. That said, the error message gives you the answer. There is an uninstalled dependency that needs to be installed: libevent-1.4-2. Install it and then try again.

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    thanks for ur answer;
    i try to install libevent but not find package

    apt-get install libevent-1.4-2
    Reading package lists ... Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information ... Done
    E: Could not find package libevent-1.4-2
    E: Could not find package matching the regular expression "libevent-1.4-2

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    apt-cache search libevent

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    i try it

    libev-dev - static library, header files, and docs for libev
    libev-libevent-dev - libevent event loop compatibility wrapper for libev
    libev4 - high-performance event loop library modelled after libevent
    libev-perl - Perl interface to libev, the high performance event loop
    libevent-core-2.0-5 - Asynchronous event notification library (core)
    libevent-dbg - Asynchronous event notification library (debug symbols)
    libevent-dev - Asynchronous event notification library (development files)
    libevent-extra-2.0-5 - Asynchronous event notification library (extra)
    libevent-openssl-2.0-5 - Asynchronous event notification library (openssl)
    libevent-pthreads-2.0-5 - Asynchronous event notification library (pthreads)
    libevent-perl - generic Perl event loop module
    libevent-rpc-perl - Event based transparent Client/Server RPC framework
    libeventdb-dev - library that provides access to gpe-calendar data [development]
    libeventdb2 - library that provides access to gpe-calendar data [runtime]
    libeventdb2-dbg - library that provides access to gpe-calendar data [debugging]
    libpoe-loop-event-perl - POE event loop implementation using Event
    lua-event - asynchronous event notification library for Lua
    lua-event-dev - libevent development files for the Lua language
    python-eventlet - concurrent networking library for Python
    python-gevent - gevent is a coroutine-based Python networking library
    python-gevent-dbg - gevent is a coroutine-based Python networking library - debugging symbols
    python-gevent-doc - gevent is a coroutine-based Python networking library - documentation
    libevent-loop-ruby - Transitional package for ruby-event-loop
    libevent-loop-ruby1.8 - Transitional package for ruby-event-loop
    ruby-event-loop - simple signal system and an event loop for Ruby
    libeventmachine-ruby - Transitional package for ruby-eventmachine
    libeventmachine-ruby-doc - Transitional package for ruby-eventmachine
    libeventmachine-ruby1.8 - Transitional package for ruby-eventmachine
    ruby-eventmachine - Ruby/EventMachine library
    unworkable - efficient, simple and secure bittorrent client
    libevent-2.0-5 - bibliothèque de notification d'événements asychrone

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