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    Harddisk not added/detected. I need to mount it?

    I got physical dedicated server from one reputable server provider. And using their OS image install system i applied debian 6.x 64. Server has 2 SSD and one SATA. I setup software raid 1 during installation on SSDs but i dont see anything that looks like my HDD setup..
    I mean server should contain:
    #Onboard: Corsair CSSD-F120GB2
    DRIVE1 /dev/sda
    #Onboard: Corsair CSSD-F120GB2
    DRIVE2 /dev/sdb
    #Onboard: SAMSUNG HD753LJ (700gb+)
    ###DRIVE3 /dev/sdc
    But this is df -h:
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/md2 98G 696M 93G 1% /
    tmpfs 12G 0 12G 0% /lib/init/rwudev 12G 192K 12G 1% /dev
    tmpfs 12G 0 12G 0% /dev/shm
    /dev/md1 496M 31M 440M 7% /boot
    I have been told that i need to mount 700+GB hdd: "add it to fstab our mount it manually via mount command"
    Can you please advice on how to proceed, how to do it properly so its mounted after each start? I thought Debian will setup disks automatically. - Open, free and uncensorable websites, using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network

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    The df command does not show unmounted partitions. You could try as root: parted /dev/sda print all
    When I run that it shows partitions/filesystem types on both drives. I don't use RAID so haven't any suggestions other than reading the link below or doing an online search.

    Debian on RAID with boot on RAID1 array

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