Newbie Alert!! I am new to Linux (but had a great time building my Debian box -- way cool). Here is what I would like to do. From windows xp on my laptop, I would like to create a network drive that resides on my linux box across the internet. When I am at home, I use Samba and it works great; but I would like the ability to do that when I am at work or at the airport using WiFi. Additionally, I need to be able to do it without adding software to the laptop, since it is maintained by our company's pc Nazi. Everything works well on my home network, but I can't seem to make it work across the internet (maybe it can't???). Another friend of mine suggested using in windows IE with anonymous log in on my debian box, but I really want a user id and password for security (anyway, I could not get it to work on my box - I don't think I have my ftpd set up correctly to do that). I have registered a domain name with and I can see my debian box from anywhere on the net (telnet, ping, webserver). Any help would be appreciated regarding the posibility of doing this or the best way to achieve it. Here is my configuration:

Debian 3.0 OS release 2.2.20-idepci
Belkin Router (Ports 80, 21-23, 139, and 201 forwarded)
no-ip client for linux running

windows xp sp2 with netbios over tcp/ip enabled

In your responses, if you need additional info. - make sure to tell me what commands to run (remember, I am new).

Thanks in advance, I'm loving Linux