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Thread: Debian freezing

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    Unhappy Debian freezing

    Hello all,
    I'm relatively new to Linux and I got the chance of installing Linux on my office computer. I tried few Linux distros but the problem is, all of them got frozen while running!
    I'm inclined to think that it's a hardware issue since it happens for every distro I installed. (I tried Ubuntu, Linux Mint, CentOS, and currently the distro is Debian) But my other non-Linux operating system (I'm on dual boot) works just fine!

    Getting help from the internet I looked at kern.log and messages files in /var/log. It seems that nouveau is causing problems. But I don't have enough knowledge to come to a conclusion. I've heard that Nvidia has problems with Linux. I've attached the messages of the log files around the time of freeze here.

    My graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 330. I use two monitors, one connected to the DVI port of the graphics card and the other connected to the HDMI port through an HDMI to DVI converter. The computer is a Dell Precision T3610 with Intel Xeon E5-1620 CPU.

    If there's anybody who could help me to stop the freezes, I'd be very obliged.

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    I recommend switching to nVidia proprietary driver if nouveau is acting up.
    Debian nVidia Guide. Note, your graphics card is too old for newest driver, you need to stick with 340.x.
    I hope you didn't install Debian Stable, IMHO it really is for server use only.
    In future you may want to drop your logs into a pastebin, there are tools that make it easy, I think it is called pastebinit in Debian. Not everyone cares about downloading and opening files in their computers ... I don't.

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