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    SCSI-3 persistent reservation


    I'm trying to configure iSCSI-target on Debian 9.4 x64 for the Windows Failover Cluster. How i did it:
    aptitude install targetcli-fb
    mkdir /iscsi

    cd backstores/fileio
    create disk02 /iscsi/disk02.img 32GB
    cd /iscsi
    create iqn.2018-03.storage1.domain.local:storage.target02
    cd iqn.2018-03.storage1.domain.local:storage.target02/tpg1/luns
    create /backstores/fileio/disk02
    cd ../acls
    cd ..
    set attribute authentication=0
    The created iSCIS-target can be connected to the Windows Server 2016, but can not be added into Failover Cluster. I have read that I have to configure SCSI-3 persistent reservation. But how?

    Thank you in advance!

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    I have configured it using TGT and tgt-glusterfs

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