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    Raspian flavoured (pi0w project)

    Pi0w revision 1.1
    Composite video issue.

    1) I need a clear type font and am looking for suggestions; it will be run at 12-16 pt.

    2) If you know of any PAL overscan tricks would apreciate.

    So, before you say it's the cable...

    The screen is a Polaroid lcd-0700p from 2006. I'm not trying to change the resolution; did that makes different issues.

    I am setting up the pi0 for composite video mode and plan on using it in a prototype netboard or 'cyberdeck'.

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    After some additional config.txt tweaking... I installed tilda, my favorite terminal. text is still not displaying properly but atleast I can use thebfunn screen. 720x560 PAL. Now to find how to set up the native force for sdtv_ settings.

    in the config.txt
    I played with the overscan option until I hade it matching the screen size. Unfortunately this does not fix it the way I want to fix it but it does look decent.

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