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    Please Help..GRUB

    Hello There,

    I got debian, yoper,feora, and xp installed. is there a way not to use the yoper grub menu, but instead to use the debian grub...Thanks alot


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    Yes you can edit Debian's grub.conf file and add Yoper to it;

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    the first part of GRUB sits (normally) on your boot disk's mbr. It is this small program that then runs the rest of grub from the /boot/grub/ folder that it has been told about. So, if you want a particular partion's version of /boot/grub/ to be used, simply do a quick reinstall from that partition. So, in your case, boot into Debian and do the re-install from there by entering "grub-install /dev/hdX" command where you replace the "X" with the latter of your hard drive (a being the first and b the second, etc. So probably /dev/hda). Then reboot and you will get the programs (stage 1.....) and splash graphics and menu (/boot/grub/grub.conf) from your Debian partition.

    Of course, before doing this, make sure that you have a working boot diskette just in case, also have a look at the tutorial section if you encounter any grub boot problems.

    have fun


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