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    usb keyboard driver

    Do I need a driver for using a usb keyboard? I cant seem to get it to work.

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    does it work using a Ps/2 adapter?
    what distro are you using?
    in mandrake, there the MCC where you can setup a usb keyboard and then use it..
    try playing with the Control Center of your distro with the keyboard configuration
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    Do I need a driver for using a usb keyboard? I cant seem to get it to work.
    No, you shouldn't need a driver. Is your problem that you can't use your keyboard to select boot options when your computer first boots? If so, this is an option you need to turn on in your BIOS (press F8 or DELETE) when you see the screen that shows your CPU speed and how much RAM you have. The option is usually something like "enable legacy keyboard support" or "enable USB devices at boot".
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    I am using an xbox, so I cant plug it into a Ps/2. The problem is that it doesnt work at all.

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    Also, Im using Debian

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    hmmm if the kb dosnt work at all how did you install the os?...*grins*

    try unplugging the keyboard and plugging it back in after the xbox boots... if this works then you need the coldplugging package

    do any usb devices work? if not then you need to probably need diffrent chipset support in the kernel...
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    I installed it using the xbox controller joystick as a mouse, no keyboard. The only USB device that works is the xbox controller itself

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    I don't think the controller counts as being USB...
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    Might be a hardware support issue, I mean... its an xbox, so its gonna be a little out there with its hardware or whatnot.... Do you have one of the xbox specilized kernels installed? I know gentoo offers a package of them, might wanna try some of those...
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    Yes, its a debian paclage known as Xebian, for xbox. I think I know what the problem is, i found out at a logitech forum that my keyboard is made for playstation 2 ONLY. I picked it up at EB games for $20, and thought it would work for pc and ps2. Darn. Thanks a lot for the help

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