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    Howto install graphic drivers ? (ATI Radeon X800)

    Hi all,

    I'm new to linux (debian) ... so i'm asking for some help.

    I installed my debian with bf24 with only the X-Server
    After the install I put my sorces list to testing,
    updated and upgraded my debian. I installed the new
    kernel 2.6.8. After that I installed gnome and dit an dist-upgrade

    I configured my grahics with xf86config (version 4.3) and used the vesa drivers
    the X is working fine.

    But then I installed tuxracer and it dit not work becouse I dit not
    have my graphic drivers installed. How do I install my graphic drivers
    of my ATI Radeon X800 ? and configure them propertly ?

    (on the ati site I only dit find a rpm packet not an .dep)

    I'm sorry for my worse english.



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    Has ATI released it's proprietary drivers for 2.6 yet?

    If so, you can always download the .rpm file and then convert it using a program called "alien." Eventhough alien is technically still not considered stable, it hasn't caused much problems for me. Out of numerous times I've used it, it's managed to convert and rpm to a deb easily.

    I should warn you, you will need to read the readme file that is associated with such drivers. Since it is proprietary code, it's bound to have it's own way of doing things such as graphics tweaks.

    Other than that, you can always try X's ati or radeon drivers (edit XF86Config) that come with X by default. You probably won't get anything great with those.
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