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    I have DEBIAN 3.0-r4 CD 's and want to install it on my Laptop (Graphical Device is ATI Radeon 9700). How much space approximaytely I will need (X-Window and Office included). And I dont know which window manager is good for Debian. Maybe you can think it is personel choice but just some advice. For example GNOME is good with FEDORA and KDE with SUSE. Which one will be the right choice for Debian. Thanks for suggestions...

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    i know its not what u wana here but u can use any desktop enviroment with any distro, i use kde mit fedora core 3
    is that the only apps you will be using?
    what size is ur hd?

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    My harddrive 60 GB...

    My HardDrive is 60 GB but I want to use 3 GB for Debian, I got also Fedora Core2 and WinXP on it (I have 1 GB swap space that I have been using with FC2). Because of that it is important to me to choose packkages. I dont want to waste my space with some apps that I won't use. Maybe I can use KOffice instead of Open office (That is why I am asking which is better with Debian KDE or GNOME). Actually real question shoule be "Is DEBIAN offically supporting or suggesting any Window manager". Thanks alot... :?:

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    You don't even have to use gnome or kde (which are desktop environments), you could use a Window Manager like IceWM, FluxBox, and Enlightenment.

    These are generaly smaller in size, use less system resorces, and are faster than Desktop environments;

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    why dont u just use open office on fedora,
    like dyluno says they are smaller and would maybe be wroth the while
    debian doesnt have a certain 1
    u choose during instalation

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