Hi, I recently lost one of the disks in my RAID-array.. Since no identical disks are available any longer I had to replace my failing Hitachi 120GXP with a new Hitachi 160Gb disk..

Itīs currently setup as /dev/md4 in a RAID 1 for our AFS-volume..

Since the disks are not of equal size I tried to run:

sfdisk -d /dev/hdg | sfdisk /dev/hde (hde is the replaced disk which I want to sync up with hdg)

then raidhotadd /dev/md4 /dev/hde1
I get the error "Can not hot-add disk: invalid argument

If I try the opposite "raidhotadd /dev/hde1 /dev/md4" I get /dev/hde1 is not an md device, which seems correct.. Well, what is the correct argument? And howto get the partition table from /dev/hdg to /dev/hde and sync up the disks to create /dev/md4? The disks are not of identical size, although the replaced is bigger so it should be possible..

Greatful for any help..


/David Eliasson, Sweden