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    BOOT CD not working (After prompt I got black screen).

    Hi there;
    I downloaded 3.0-r4 iso images (7 cd). When I boot my laptop from 1' st CD it was ok; I got the linux command prompt; and then I just hit the "Enter" but only I got is black screen. I think something is wrong with my hardware (probably Graphical card.). Here is my Hardware (For MSI-M510C Laptop):

    CPU: 1.5 GHz Centrino
    Memory : 512 MB
    Graphical Card : ATI RADEON 9700 (I think the core is 9600)
    Hard Drive: 60 GB Toshiba
    Screen: 15" LCD

    What do you think the main reason for such fault? What can be the solution? Maybe I can try to download the minimal CD and then try to set it up. I know it doesn't help but just want to try. I need real solution suggestions. Thanks for your help...

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    Sounds like the graphics card to me too..... i would try this
    5.6.2 Unsupported video cards

    If your screen begins to show a weird picture while the kernel boots, eg. pure white, pure black or colored pixel garbage, your system may contain a problematic video card which does not switch to the framebuffer mode properly. Then you can use the boot parameter video=vga16:off to disable the framebuffer console. The language chooser will not appear, only the english language will be available during the installation due to limited console features.
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    Thanks for your help...

    Thanks for your help. I got the solution. While I get the boot prompt I pass the value "linux vga=771" and I got the language selection screen. Every thing seems fine. I think I will install it tonight. What about the File System. Which one do you prefer. I get used with ext3 but how about ReiserFS? When I was installing SUSE the first (as default) choosen was ReiserFS. What do you think about FS. I know it is not a big matter but just want to know (That is why we are using Linux, to know)...
    Thanks for help...

    That is why we are using Linux, to know...

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    I love Reiserfs. I find it is noticeably faster and doesn't suffer as many failures as ext3 or ext3. It scans itself faster than ext2/3 too.
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