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    Installing Wajig

    I had a problem with my X server not loading, and through looking around on here and the rest of the internet i found that i should download my graphics card drivers, so i did.
    Then i found out in order to install them, i need to have the kernel source included on the cd installed, it is a .deb file, so i need to install wajig to install it.
    But to install wajig i need to install python, which is as a .deb file on my cd, and therefore can't be opened without wajig presumably.
    Any ideas on how to solve this without having to download everything as rpms?

    I have a wajig tar file, but no idea where it needs to be installed, i couldn't find wajig on the cd, so i'm a bit stuck.

    Chris Harkness

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    Do I even need wajig to install a .deb file, it would seem from looking around that "apt-get install" should work to install these files, but when i try that, it tells me that the file i'm trying to install can't be found, even if i'm in the directory where it resides, either on cd or on hard disc.

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    To install a .deb file, try dpkg -i <name_of_the_file>
    But I really recommend using apt-get.
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    You're a little confused. Have you migrated from a RedHat type installation? RPM is a nasty little piece of rubbish that RH and Mandrake among countless others use, but you should never use it in Debian. The packaging system is very different. If you want to use RPMS, you need to convert them to .deb packages by using alien.

    # apt-get install alien rpm
    Then read the manpage for alien. Most packages can be found with apt, anyway, eliminating the need for RPM. Get aptitude, it's a combination of apt-get and dselect, and it's much better.

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