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    Problems with Debian/Gentoo/Any Distro Installation

    Everytime I go to install Gentoo, it would get to the point of "emerge --emptytree system" and then it would get a bunch of "DMA Timeout" errors, and then eventually freeze. I thought the hard drive was the problem, so I traded it in and received a brand new one. Same problem. I switched to Debian, hoping not to have that problem. Sure enough, while downloading packages, it had the same error.... Can someone please help?

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    Try Slackware, and see what happens. It's a pretty easy install and way better than Gentoo...
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    Probably problems with your drivers for your motherboard.

    Which brand of motherboard do you've got, because I know from the Asus A7N8X-E deluxe has problems this kind of problems.
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    I have a SiS 730/630 mobo in there... I've heard noapic may work?

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    The boot parameter "linux apic=off" for Debian does not work... Any other ideas?

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    I suspect you need to try using a 2.4.x kernel as your chipset is quite old and may not be supported in the newer 2.6.x kernels.

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    I have the ASUS A7N8X with no problems. I've used both Gentoo and Debian.

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    Yeah... I'd appreciate some actual HELP here... :-/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dapper Dan
    Try Slackware, and see what happens. It's a pretty easy install and way better than Gentoo...
    Second that.

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    Do any of the live-cd distros such as Knoppix, DSL, Slax, etc, work okay on your box?

    I understand you might not want to install them... I'm just curious if they give you any kinds of errors or problems relating to your hardware.

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