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    Radeon X700 Driver problem

    I just downloaded the ati driver installer from ati.
    I also managed to get it installed and I am even able to configure it, but i can't seem to work. X won't start.
    My videocard is not listed in the beginning of the configuratiion..
    and, yet the install manual from ati states that my videocard is supported.. ??
    Anybody know anything about this.

    At the moment I'm running a 2.4 kernell... Since i never did manage to start x with AMD64 kernel.. Different problem though.. I have also tryed the driver with the 2.6 kernel...

    AMD 64 3000+
    1024 MB RAM
    Ati Radeon X700 256MB

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    it's been well documented that the ATi drivers for linux are poor at best. i think it's possible that you could get OSS drivers for it, but i don't know. my heart goes out to you.
    Here's why Linux is easier than Windows:
    Package Managers! Apt-Get and Portage (among others) allow users to install programs MUCH easier than Windows can.
    Hardware Drivers. In SuSE, ALL the hardware is detected and installed automatically! How is this harder than Windows' constant disc changing and rebooting?

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    Maybe a solution

    Did some googling and cam up wtih this

    I works like this;
    After installing the Ati driver DO NOT use fglrxconfig .

    Instead just open /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 in kate or something. You have to be root to save it.. Oh and remember to make a copy of it before you change anythinkg..

    Change the Device from "mesa" or whatever your system is using to "fglrx"

    and paste this commandline in the device secrion

    option "Capabilities" "0x00000800"

    When running glxgear befor and after there was a big differece in speed.. alteast the gears was turning faster. apperantly. real speed went down for 400 FPS to about 250 FPS.. DAmn

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