Anyone can show their appreciation by donating to the Debian project. Just go to and please donate. How much you donate is completely up to you, but I like to tell this story to get people thinking:

People gladly fork over a couple hundred dollars for Windows, an operating system that is not very stable and plagued with vulnerabilities, but why? It is easier to use. That's the only reason why. You can't fix any of the bugs yourself because Microsoft keeps their source code from the world.

Linux is harder to use but is much more stable. Many would agree that Linux is a much better operating system. If you don't believe so and you have the ability, you can change it to make it better . . . the source code is freely available!

If it is better, why not pay for it? At present, many distributions are cost-free and look how far they have come off of donations alone! Imagine if we paid that couple hundred bucks to the development team of our favorite distribution!