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    Video Problems with Debian

    Hey all. I am new to Linux. I tried installing debian a while back, but had a number of problems and wasn't able to get it working. Now that I have a couple weeks more experience (with both Linux and my new laptop), I was able to get it installed and mostly working.

    My main problem is with video. I get video lag (mostly when moving my mouse), even when nothing video intensive is running.

    I'm certain something is wrong with my video drivers. I'm using an IBM Thinkpad T43.

    Someone at this site had this to say regarding Debian on a T43...
    0000:01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc: Unknown device 5460
    XFree86, as shipped with Debian unstable (xserver-xfree86_4.3.0.dfsg.1-14) did not recognise the video card. A colleague had compiled the server so I grabbed a copy. It recognised the card and reported the following: 
    X Window System Version
    Release Date: 2 October 2004 + cvs
    X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0, Release
    (--) Chipset ATI Radeon Mobility M300 (M22) 5460 (PCIE) found
    There's one problem I haven't yet solved. If X is started while the laptop is connected to an external monitor, I can never get anything to display on the laptop's LCD screen under X. 
    Software Suspend
    However, I don't really know what that means. What is " server"? Doesn't exactly sound like a video driver.

    Any help with this problem would be very much appreciated.

    - EndianX -

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    Xorg is an Xserver, it is a fork of the XFree86 Xserver. Debian 3.0 (woody) and 3.1(sarge) both have a modified version of the XFree86 Xserver which is probably why you're having a problem with your video. If you want to use Xorg you'll have to use Debian unstable, which is Etch or Sid. You could compile Xorg yourself with 3.0 or 3.1 or setup a repository in apt/sources.list, however I would not recommend doing that as you could break your system.

    So if you want Xorg, I would suggest using Debian etch or sid or using a Debian derivative with Xorg included such as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mepis etc....

    peace V

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