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    umount: /media/cdrom0: device is busy

    I am OFTEN unable to umount / eject a cd from the drive. The worst is when I am looking for something on a number of cd's and this problem rears its nasty head
    I keep getting the same error :

    umount: /media/cdrom0: device is busy
    umount: /media/cdrom0: device is busy
    Please check that the disk is entered correctly.
    Any information as to how to solve this irritating problem would be much appreciated.
    I close ALL windows under KDE (3.3.2) and attempting to 'umount' / 'eject' under Console or Root Console I get these errors
    The only way I can eject the cd is to log off (out of KDE) and log back on again.

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    I get these messages when i am looking at the contents of a CD and try to unmount
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    I've had the same problems are you, only with other distros like Mandriva. Basically there's not much you can do about it, probably the most likely cause is that a program is sitting in the background still holding an open lock on a file or something really trivial.

    You can probably just try removing the disk. While it is poor practice it might be the only thing you can do.

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    try install "eject" .....

    #apt-get install eject

    that might solve your eject problem.

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    I don't have enough experience in Debian to have seen this problem, but in Fedora I do some or all of the following:

    Close any file managers and of course any other windows that show the Cd or whatever.
    Wait half a minute or so
    And if umount doesn't work for the normal user, do 'umount -l' as root user (that's a lower-case "L" for "lazy"). Almost always works....
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    'cd ~' then umount

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    one way around this is to use

    umount -l <mounted fs ie /mnt/cdrom0>

    the -l unlinks /mnt/cdrom0 from fstab, at which point any apps
    with a lock on this directory cannot access it anymore.

    umount will then unmount the device normally

    this is the way i use to get around the "device is busy" thing

    meh. just read the man pages for umount it will give a better explanation

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    (ugh) apologies DrakeBasher. you already explained that 2 posts above.

    Sorry to anyone who had to read the same suggestion twice.

    Linux is confusing enough without having to read my dumbass posts.

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    in debian,it often happens.just try to find out what is preventing umount by issuing
    lsof |grep /dev/cdrom
    In my case,i found "famd" is responsible for that!

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    I was having the same problem.

    cd ~

    Fixed it right up.
    Thanks DoctorDan.

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