I recently installed debian on my laptop wich is also running winxp. The partitions are set up as hda1 > winxp hda3>linux hda6>swap and hda5>extra drive (for media and backup) 1 and 5 were from windows. I installed the net install of debian with a friend, but when i installed grub on my MBR it would boot to a screen frozen with GRUB, not the console though, no keyboard imputs would work. The weird thing is that if I but a bootable like norton ghost, and i do not hit any key to boot, grub stage 1.5 loads just fine...
So I was wondering what the problem is, and how to fix it, so i don't have to boot with a cd all the time.

And one more thing, every so often when using kde it is like the keys get stuck down and a letter will continue to repeat even though I am not touching the keyboard, and it is not a keyboard hardware problem, windows and console work just fine, any ideas on that would help also,