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    Huraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy i got it there!!! YOU are my Lord cuiq!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I have another question: what to do now to uninstall... Opera??!!
    2nd: when installing a sofware say.. Yahoo messenger.. and there are too much dependencies missing.. Is there any convinient way to install those missing in a batch (where to find?) or I have to search internet and install one by one??!!

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    To remove a package that you installed yourself such as opera the procedure would be.

    dpkg -r packagename
    this will remove the package but not it's configuration files.

    dpkg -p packagename
    This will remove the package and it's configuration files.

    The best way to install a package and it's dependencies in debian is to check for repositories that may have the package or packages you may want. This way your dependencies are handle for you. This is a good link for finding extra repositories for debian.
    Click on the link which says "View the full list of sites". It is recommended to only load this page once a day because of it's size. However you should find a repo for almost every package not included in debian's official repo.

    Peace V

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