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Thread: gnome hangs

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    gnome hangs

    sarge 3.1 - standard packages
    laptop dell c400, bios A12
    acpi modules + i8kutils

    Is it possible that gnome hangs because of too high temperature of cpu ?
    I did a simple test - started kde and reached temperature of about 70C by opening several applications - logged of normally. The same did on gnome and it got stuck - it looked like the panel turned off/hanged somehow. It happens to me quit often usually when I forget to start i8kmon (to control the fan speed). There are no error messages in xfree log file. - then I have to reboot from text mode because whole X server stuks.

    If anybody has got any idea what is going on with it please help, cause it's quit irritating.


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    70C is awfully hot as far as I know. If you're using standard kernel packages you may want to compile a custom kernel that's a bit more laptop friendly, as the generic Debian kernel image is best suited for desktops (no cpu slowdown, etc.). You should also be able to make one so that you don't have to worry about your fan...

    Before you stress your overheating computer with a kernel build, though, you may want to try logging into Gnome as a different user (creating a new one for the time being if necessary) just in case some of your personal settings have messed up the panel somehow. However, that's doubtful--particularly in Sarge. It's only happened to me once in Sid, and it didn't hang the whole X server.

    Perhaps try running it in the fridge and see if it works then ! Just kidding... or at least don't blame me if you try it and spill milk on your computer or something .

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