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    wine and Battlefield 2?

    Is it possible to play Battlefied 2 with wine?
    I mean taking into account that Battlefield 2 requires Windows XP to run and can not be used with any other eirlier Windows versions (like 95, 98, etc). Wine can only simulate Windows 98 and no later then 98 so is it still possible to play it using Wine as the simulation medium?

    Thanks In Advance Everyone

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    Um, wine can pose as any version of Windows, from 3.1 up to XP. Most of the effort has gone into making it behave most like Win98 (probably because that's the version of Windows that was out when the wine project got off the ground), but it's been focusing on XP compatibility lately. The winecfg program that accompanies wine allows you to choose which Windows environment to use for any program you care to install, and it has a long list of environments it supports.

    That said, check out Cedega at for an implementation of wine that's specialized for games. They have official support for Battlefield 2, and include software to deal with copy protection (which plain wine doesn't).
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    crossover office is cheap, i think starting at around $40. They do have a free 30 day trial and offer limited pre-purchase support.

    wine is of course free and there is an application database. battlefiend2's page is here.

    cedega is really cheap. I believe they only want $5 per month for a subscription and you can continue to use cedega once your subscription expires. transgaming will strive to help you get your game working with cedega if it doesn't already. they have a fairly comprehensive list of games that are known to work. there is a 3 month minimum tho, i think. It look like cedega is your best bet, they've got battlefield 2 working with 3 star playability.

    it took me about five minutes to locate all this information. let me suggest a little reading in the future and maybe you will be able to get your answers quicker.

    good luck

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