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    How to add hard drives in debian gnu/linux

    Hi, here is my problem:
    I have a computer that runs debian gnu/linux. The main hard drive is a 6 drive scsi hardware raid array of like 150GB. I would like to add a software RAID0 built from two sata drives that I own and mount it somewhere. But when I plug them in somehow it wants to name them sda and sdb and pushes my main hardware array to sdc. That seems to make my system unbootable. How can I tell him to order the drive in the correct way to leave my computer bootable. I would like the sata drives to be sdb and sdc.

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    you could specify the disk to boot from at the grub prompt.You would find tutorials on the web



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    ok I found the answer without searching because of you pointing me at a bootloader issue, I just needed to replace an "a" by a "c". But now how can I map my main hdd with sda? Cause if I add other hard disk drives in the future I will need to change the letter in my grub config again.

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    Cause if I add other hard disk drives in the future I will need to change the letter in my grub config again.
    I am not sure about this:
    You could try to change the controllers connecting the drives.May be you can make the RAID contoller a secondary one...(is your RAID controller the primary ?)


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    What are the parameters that cause linux to think the sata drives should be listed first and the scsi raid last? In what order are the drives listed? I'm an openBSD user and there I'm used to hardcode the names in the kernel by putting things like this:
    "sd0 at scsibus0 target 0" in the kernel configuration file.

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    check this Procedure how to use newly added hard disk in your linux machine

    hope this helps

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    First back up all your data from your Raid. Then you can try different ways of setting up the drives. I personally find that it is easier to set up mulitple
    Raids from scratch. Then restore the data.

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