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Thread: New Questions

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    New Questions

    I have jsut installed Debian onto my computer and I have some questions.
    1. When I used apt-get install gaim, it got me gaim, but a very old version, can anyone help?
    2. Is it nessesary to upgrade to the usntable version, and if so, how?

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    1 ) Seems weird. Try to download the latest version as a debian package manually and installing??

    2 ) You do not need to upgrade to an unstable version. Unstable versions are commonly prereleases, released so they can be tested for bugs and so on. Not for everyday use.


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    Debian lags other distros

    Debian tends to lag other distros. Stable gets security fixes but it does not get updates that just add features. That tends to make it very stable.

    There is a release between stable and unstable called testing. The differences are explained at


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    You may need to edit your


    Also, have a look around


    All the packages and sources will be stored there.


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    If you want newer software (and who doesn't) you need to switch to eiter testing or unstable.
    Don't be put of by the name 'unstable' there's little unstable to it. Even if one packages is not what it should be you can be sure it will be fixed in a couple of days. I run SID (aka unstable) for a long time now and only have minor problems. If you don''t want to go there try testing.
    To get you up and running you need to edit your sources.list in /etc/apt/

    Change wherever it says stable to either unstable or testing (don't mix just choose testing or unstable..mixing is possible but a whole different story). Run apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade and you get all the newest goodies you want. You perhaps want to edit your sources.list some more to get java jre1.4 and some falsh-plugins for mozilla.
    If you need those just let me know and I'll post my sources.list for you.

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