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    On-line installation -- problems with DSL


    I am trying to install Debian 4 starting from an netinst image and then finish the installation on-line. However, my internet connection is a DSL (I configure it in Ubuntu with pppoeconf - after the installation is finished), but I can not find the way to configure this type of connection during installation.

    So basically I can not install Debian 4 properly . What i did then was install just what came in the netinst image with the hope that later I could apdate the system with apt-get or something of the sort.

    However, after starting Debian I found out that the installed system is so basic that I do not even have the less command to see manuals! Of course init 5 doesn't work and I have no idea how to install the updated packaged (since I don't know how to configure the network connection --- all the commands I try do not work).

    Anyone has encountered this problem?

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    The netinist image requires you have a network connection that doesn't require extra steps. If pppoeconf isn't installed, the easiest thing is probably install using the first full CD rather than the net. Or you could try to copy over pppoeconf (and the other need files) with a usb drive or something.....
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    I had a similar experience, having used the net installer. I spent a whole morning and wasted bandwidth downloading files from the Web as per the installer's instructions. First time I simply downloaded the standard basic installation, which I found was useless. So I added 'desktop environment' to 'standard basic installation', hoping that I would at least get something I could use. However, having gone throught the extended installation sequence for a (longer) second time, the thing refused to install whatever software it had spent over 2 hours downloading, and aborted the installation.

    I'm afraid life's too short for this kind of thing nowadays, and my copy of the installer disk is now in the garbage.

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