.vbox.conf .viminfo ' and that's it after 3 " successful " installations and
usage of cd and vi. Had previous success with Redhat, but not with
present e-machines 2030 (new hard drive). I had this e- 2030 repaired
It was replaced by an emachines T2341. I'm using an old B&W Monitor
(Gateway )with the 'repaired' e-2030, I knew I'd be in trouble with misconfiguration of the system because of B&W monitor
issues, but had experimentally resolved this type of problem using
RedHat. I'd hoped to network the 2 machines, as I had previously
with the old 2030 and yet another older model( I gave the later
away) the repaired machine was upgraded to include a DVD that
I'd hoped to view on the T2341's color lcd.

I'm not rich

thanks JMBartel