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    Linux dumb terminal question

    Ok having only tinkered with Linux and only reading the sections of the Linux book as needed, I have come to a situation I need help with.

    Current setup:
    Currently when performing server maintenance on a server (Unix / Linux) located in a remote location I VNC to a windows pc (Lets call it BOB) located in the same data center to run various maintenance scripts. I usually VNC to this pc from a pc located here in my home (Lets call it SAM) and open up several SSH windows to the various servers I am running maintenance on. It is critical that during this process that the SSH sessions (Now opened on BOB) not drop (Thus explaining why I VNC to BOB in the data center rather than opening the SSH windows locally on SAM which I am physically sitting at). The problem is that the VNC session (Between BOB & SAM) seems to bog down with all the graphics that keep changing (All the text scrolling by on the SSH windows). It is important that I watch the SSH windows for any errors that may occur.

    Since the Linux kernel is not GUI based, is it possible to have a KDE style desktop on SAM that is controlling BOB that doesn’t utilize a client like VNC? Something like a dumb terminal maybe? It would seem to me that since the GUI desktop (X Windows) is a separate process from the kernel, that it could be loaded on SAM and just transmit/receive the data for GUI desktop back to the kernel (running on BOB) while allowing the actual X windows process to be handled locally on SAM.

    In the end what I would like is a way to load the KDE desktop on my local pc (SAM) while having it manage a remote station (BOB) as though I was setting there in the data center at BOB’s /monitor/keyboard.

    Thanks I appreciate any assistance you can provide.


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    I don't know how to do this on if BOB is running windows but you can certainly do it if you install linux on BOB. From one Linux machine to another if you use the -X option to ssh then the gui in/output will be piped down the ssh line. So from SAM:

    SAM:~ ssh -X BOB
    BOB:~ xterm
    The xterm should now open so that it is running on BOB but displaying on SAM. I think you can use this method to run a full desktop although I'm not sure of all the ins and outs, probably you need to start the X session on SAM with no window manager then boot the window manager etc. over the SSH session on BOB. If you google 'X over ssh' you should get something. I haven't read it but this link X over SSH - A Tutorial seems to be the right thing.

    Not sure how this would be for reliability though if you're worried about the connection between SAM and BOB dropping. I'm pretty sure if you drop the X connection this would prevent you from re-connecting to the sessions you were using.

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