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    Thanks, I didn't know that XbindKeys could handle multiple key sequences. I will check it out. I wonder if it can detect which window is active and act accordingly.

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    I think xnee is more able to do that.
    It seems to react like autohotkey.
    Well, from a 10/20 minute glance at how all of it worked, that's what I evaluated.

    I suspect you will build a script using another window manager executable.
    1. The script calls for the executable to notice which window is open.
    2. It uses if commands.
    3. If so, use commands upon window.

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    My solution using a shell script, xmacro, and keyboard shortcuts

    I wrote a shell script that uses Xmacro. The purpose of my script is to run a series of keystrokes in Inkscape whenever I press CTRL+J.

    I Installed Xmacro, ran xmacrorec to get the key events, then put them in a script. I have Ubuntu run the script whenever I press CTRL+J- configured with the Keyboard Shortcuts control panel. Use "sh []" as the command to run your script.

    # This script uses xmacro
    #  (See xmacrorec and xmacroplay)
    # Intended to be used with <Left-CTRL> + J
    # Inkscape key mapping
    # Event button will:
    #    Switch to the node tool, select all nodes, set symmetric
    # Be sure to release the trigger keys before running the key sequence
    KeyStrRelease Control_L
    KeyStrRelease J
    KeyStrPress F2
    KeyStrRelease F2
    KeyStrPress Control_L
    KeyStrPress a
    KeyStrRelease a
    KeyStrRelease Control_L
    KeyStrPress Shift_L
    KeyStrPress Y
    KeyStrRelease Y
    KeyStrRelease Shift_L
    echo $keys | xmacroplay $DISPLAY
    I hope this helps!

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