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    I'm having a problem connecting to my computer with nxserver-freeedition. When I try and connect with the nxclient (windows or linux), everything proceeds fine until just after the NoMachine splash screen is displayed. At this point, the window goes blank and then disappears.

    I'm running nxserver-freeedition 3.0 on a Gentoo box running a 2.6.22 kernel. I get one error. I've posted a partial section of the log entries in messages.

    Sep 11 10:18:22 NBG_GT NXSERVER-3.0.0-63[20112]: Selected session type: unix-kde allowed in the profile of user: username 'NXShell::Static'
    Sep 11 10:18:22 NBG_GT sshd[20126]: Accepted publickey for username from port 58860 ssh2
    Sep 11 10:18:22 NBG_GT sshd(pam_unix)[20128]: session opened for user username by (uid=0)
    Sep 11 10:18:25 NBG_GT NXSERVER-3.0.0-63[20112]: Session 'ADA64E3ADD68C85E030C4A04B0912C1B' started by user 'username'. 'NXShell::handler_session_start'
    Sep 11 10:18:25 NBG_GT NXSERVER-3.0.0-63[20112]: User 'username' from '' logged out. 'NXLogin::reset'
    Sep 11 10:18:25 NBG_GT NXNODE-3.0.0-76[20129]: Using port '1072' on node 'NBG_GT' for session 'unix-kde'. Logger::log nxnode 5733
    Sep 11 10:18:25 NBG_GT NXNODE-3.0.0-76[20129]: Using host from available host list: ''. Logger::log nxnode 5734
    Sep 11 10:18:32 NBG_GT NXNODE-3.0.0-76[20158]: ERROR: run command: process: 20168 finished with: 1 Logger::log nxnode 3739
    Sep 11 10:18:34 NBG_GT sshd(pam_unix)[20111]: session closed for user nx
    Sep 11 10:18:35 NBG_GT NXNODE-3.0.0-76[20129]: Session 'unix-kde' on port '1072' closed. Logger::log nxnode 6007
    Sep 11 10:18:35 NBG_GT sshd(pam_unix)[20128]: session closed for user username
    Sep 11 10:18:37 NBG_GT NXSERVER-3.0.0-63[20153]: session sessionId:ADA64E3ADD68C85E030C4A04B0912C1B finished 'NXShell::handler_session_start'
    Sep 11 10:18:37 NBG_GT NXSERVER-3.0.0-63[20153]: Session 'ADA64E3ADD68C85E030C4A04B0912C1B' closed by user 'username'. 'NXShell::Static'

    I looked in the .nx/ directory and no session is ever logged so there are no errors there.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Since I haven't gotten a response, I was wondering if anyone knows of a better forum to get some help.


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