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    Is it possible to have custom multiple desktops?

    I recently used a multimedia live cd distro called musix. It used a IceWM and on the bottom music bar they had multiple buttons that would enable you to "switch" your desktop into a different theme. One would be music creation, another midi, another programming, etc. Each one would change the back ground and the desktop icons. Can anything like that be done in kde or gnome? and if not could someone tell me how I can replicate it on the IceWM which i've installed on my ubuntu studio distro, thx.

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    I've not tried Musix... heard about it, but I've been an IceWM user for many years. It sounds to me like what you are talking about is switching themes. There are hundreds of themes for IceWM, I even created one myself. Thr equivalent in Gnome or KDE would be to change themes there too which would be in your menu, I think under preferences.

    Maybe Musix is doing something clever with their themes and adding scripts to start the seperate programs... I'm not real sure how you would do that in KDE or Gnome.
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