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    Screen savers: where to get more? how to speed up?

    Okay, this is totally vain and prissy, but here goes:

    I test-ran Debian Etch (with KDE) for a while, then chose to go for now with SimplyMEPIS 6.5 (also KDE, natch). Debian had some pretty cool screen savers, and they ran like a dream. I figured that they were part of the standard KDE environment. But when I installed MEPIS -- lo and behold! -- (1) the available screen savers were fewer and less interesting, and (2) they ran like molasses in January. I've set the speed to maximum in the Screen Savers preferences, and they still run slow, with jerks and hiccups rather than smooth flow.

    (1) How can I goose my system to make the existing screen savers look nicer? (I have a feeling it involves editing a configuration file to make the CPU give screen savers more attention.)

    (2) How can I get the same cool screen savers Debian KDE offered? Will I need to add another repository to my /etc/apt/sources.list?


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    You can find more screensavers at

    *Eyecandy for your KDE-Desktop -

    Have fun with Linux!

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    you are correct, there are some distros that will include more screensavers than others. if you are talking about the GL screensavers (like euphoria), you dont mention what type of video card you have, but with my nvidia you HAVE to install the nvidia driver and change your xorg.conf file to use it and not the nv driver. that will give you the 3d acceleration that the GL screensavers need. i am sure the same applies to ATI cards. hope that helps.

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