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Thread: kde look n feel

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    kde look n feel

    I am trying to install themes, but they say to load them in kde look n feel. When I go to my control panel it isn't there. Please help me!

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    Oh. I also have KDE 3.1 and if I need too, i can post a screenshot. Thanks in advance.

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    You should be able to just follow the instructions at for each theme. Just click on Themes on the navigation bar on the left, and choose your version. Then just download the theme you want, unpack it, and follow the installation instructions in its README or INSTALL file. No need to use the Control Panel, I don't think.
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    I understand what dsdeck is saying, although I am new to linux as well (day 4 and I've already reinstalled and broke it 4 times trying to get my 3d accerlation, and world of warcraft running.)

    Anyhow these are the instructions provided with the themes:

    Note that it requests that you install the .sh file, easy enough, then it asks you to open control panel and click look'n'feel,, well where the hell is that. Im using YasT control panel and its not there, if I have another control panel I dont know about, well then that doesnt help because I dont know about it.

    - Installation instructions -

    Run the scripts :

    Open Control Center and select Look'n'Feel.
    Select Style and then kde_xpol in the theme list. Click on Apply.
    Select Window Decoration and then IceWM in the list.
    Select Style and then kde_xpol in the theme list. Click on Apply.

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    With "Control Centre" the KDE control centre is meant and not your distribution's control centre.

    Here's how to access it:

    • press alt+F2 (opens run dialogue)
    • Enter: kcontrol
    • Go to appearance and themes
    • Go to theme manager select your newly installed theme

    Think that's what you're looking for at least

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    Kcontrol -> Appearance & Themes and then go to options such as Window Decoration, Style etc to enable your themes settings.

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