Well, I know what this error is.
I know how to solve it.
But I cant do it..
heh lets plunge into the Darkness and explain my problem.
I run a couple of VirtualPCs using OpenVZ.
Now, I want to install X11 in a template for a OpenVZ box.
I cant access that OpenVZ box Physicly.
So, I cant install Zenwalk first and then copy that to another partion. So I have to do that on my work station. And then send it over sftp to the server were I can put my Package.
Well, the problem now is my Work Stasion isnt a linux box.
Its a WinXP Laptop. I cant rewrite it or change the partition table.
So, what do I do? I start innotek VirtualBox.
I installed Slack(zenwalk) without any problem.
I installed xfce and x11 fine.
But when I enter startx I get.. No screens found.
I know how to fix this so I did go to that command
I did setup x11 fine. But still I get that error.
I think that that is since I havnt got a clue what settings I have to set at Syncing and Size of screen.
Since its a Virtual box. And when its on the OpenVZ its going to be controlled with VNC or some flavor..

So, what is the best way for me now to start X11 on this Virtual Zenwalk box?