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    X Process Taking a lot of resources

    HI List...
    X process on my Linux server takes anywhere between 10-30% CPU and atleast 100MB of memory.
    It doesn't matter if i am running GNOME, KDE or winmaker, X process takes that much of resources.
    I have 512 MB DDR RAM, and all i am left with at the basic boot up is arnd 20MB or so.. which is utlised further more when i start up apache and mysql(MANUAL START)...

    anyone experiencing issues like this.. and what should i do or look at or modify to some how correct this over utlization...


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    What Distro are you running what version of Xfree86 ? I would make sure you are running the latest if you arent.

    Make sure you read some of the documentation on the XFree86 website which is that is relative to your problem maybe try the FAQ if you already havent.

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    It's not supposed to be much memory left, it's the same for me. For more information on that, see this post. And yes, the X process does take much memory, but very little of it needs to be resident all the time, so you don't need to worry about that either. Although X usually maps like 100 MBs or so, it can be as small as 4 MBs in actual resident memory. I, too, have 512 MBs of RAM, and although my X process has mapped 171 MB, it currently only uses 45 MB, and it can become even smaller if needed.

    However, it seems strange enough that it takes 10-30% of your CPU, though. Does that happen all the time, or only at times?

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    Well now i am running my server in Headless mode with no X running... so it is normal... Thanks for your replies

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