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    Can I run an X-windows program like Xcursion to RH 8.0?

    I am using KDE right now, which from what I understand is an X-windows system on top of linux. I am a newbie, but this is what I think I understand, any type of GUI interface that sits on top of the linux command line terminal needs to have an X-windows running. Or rather KDE is an X-windows. So am I wrong to think then that my RH 8.0 is running whatever is necessary for me to use a program like Xcursion to make a virtual X-windows on my Windows 2000 machine?

    Basically how do I, or can i run linux from my windows machine (Why would I want that...well sometimes i like having the freedom to 'VNC' into it). I don't want to VNC by the way.

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    Okay, you are kind of right. Linux has everything sort of layered. First there is the OS layer, on top of that is the glibc layer that provides a standard interface to the kernel calls (like printing a letter on the screen, or making a pretty picture out of a jpeg file). On top of the OS there are two separate, yet distinct things. There is the Command line (bash/csh), and there is XFree86 (for all intents and purposes). XFree86 draws windows and handles mouse input. That is all it does. It doesn't draw the close buttons on the windows, it doesn't tell the program what to do when the "submit" button is clicked. In fact XFree86 doesn't even know there is a "submit" button in netscape. The Window Manager (sawfish, kwm, twm, blackbox, fvwm, etc. etc.) then draws the close/min/max buttons and puts a border around the window. It also handles the moving of windows (by passing messages to the XFree86 server). The program fills the window with whatever information it wants (jpegs, html, text, whatever).

    That said . . . Which do you want? Do you want an XFree86 server to export it's display to the MS Windows machine? Or do you want the MS Windows machine to run it's own "XFree86" type implementation, and have linux send over the Window Manager messages to that screen? Do you see the difference? The second is easier, all you have to do is find an XFree86 implementation for Windows (I don't know of any offhand, but I know they exist), and make it allow host connections from your linux computer. Then run
    export DISPLAY=$IP_ADD_OF_WIN_MACH && gnome-session
    I respectfully decline the invitation to join your delusion.

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    I wish I could say which one I want? I'm not really understanding the difference. But maybe I can describe what I am looking for and then you can tell me what I am saying.

    I am looking to be able to control my linux machine from windows. however the best, that is the fastest response time, the most features, etc., way to do this, I'll take it. VNC I don't consider a great way to do it. I always thought a program like xCursion or something just somehow got a linux server to pipe it's screen to a windows machine, and also took commands from the windows machine and piped it to the linux machine. I may be wrong though, that was just the thought in my head. Does that help any?

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    You do _not_ need an external Linux program to make X programs display their output on a Windows machine. All you need is an X server for Windows. I only know of X-Win32, which is commercial and proprietary, but if you feel like being illegal, there is a crack.
    Then remember to use putty. Search for putty on google, click the second link and downoad it. In the settings window, enable X11 forwarding. Then start X-Win32, connect to the Linux machine using putty's SSH client, and just run an X program. That will then make the program display its window on the Windows box that you're sitting by.

    If you're only looking to _control_ your Linux box from a Windows machine in its strictest sense, you just need putty and no X. It's not like there's anything that's impossible to do from a shell.

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