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    Post Configuring

    Good Day,

    Am somewhat new to Linux & am learning it to be more familiar with the environment...

    My distro is Arch...Am trying to set up an X Window system...

    I chose Arch as its optimized better for older i686 systems...

    So I chose XFree86 4.7.0....for my X Window System...

    I d'loaded it...followed a very easy to read documentation in XFree86 website....Did everything exactly as prescribed in that documentation...

    sh -check ( So the output of this utility helped me to select the correct set of binaries ( glibc24 ) )....

    Also d'loaded the 13 mandatory files as told here...

    Downloading the XFree86 4.7.0 binaries

    Si i have all these 13 files in a single directory...I did a CD to that directory...

    Ran ' sh ' as told in the doc
    ( Installing XFree86 4.7.0 using the script )....

    So the archiving ( extracting or installing ..I dont know ) was jus running smooth.......without any issues........

    Finally I goth message somethin like ' Installation Complete '...( I forgot the exact sentence that it displayed.)...

    So i thought the next step is to keep the XFree86 server running....( as given in doc )..........

    did a,

    'XFree86 -autoconfig'

    The screen seems like flickerin or flashin for a second or two...

    It shows up like it got installed

    Like its showin, Evaluated 29 rules with 0 errors...( Similar lines of compilation run through...successfully.)

    .....but at the end....there is a line like...

    ' Fatal Server error :
    could not open default font 'fixed'

    I also tried like this....

    I did a Cd into that directory....then .

    'XFree86 -configure'

    Now ....I see like a list of hw like apm,i128,nsc,ati,1810 etc like a column.....

    Then ' (++) Using Config File:"/root/" '

    XFree86 is not able to detect your mouse.
    Edit the File and correct the device.

    Your XF86config file is /root/

    To test the server ,run 'XFree86 -xf86config /root/'

    So thats all i got it....But i was able to proceed upto this level...I dont know what to do further...??? Is this a problem that can be rectified...???

    Also I could check further for any info required on this issue if any instructions or steps are provided...

    Also this is the laptop that am usin ( Toshiba Satellite 4000CDS.....Jus providin this link for the HW specifications abt this model...)

    Toshiba Satellite 4000CDS - PII 233 MHz - 12.1" DSTN : Read reviews and compare prices at


    Display Type: 12.1" DSTN passive matrix integrated
    Max Resolution: 800 x 600 ( SVGA )
    Widescreen Display: No
    Colour support: 24-bit (16.7 million colours)

    Graphics Processor / Vendor: C&T 65555 - PCI
    Video Memory: EDO RAM - 2 MB
    Supported Display Graphics: VGA (640x480), XGA (1024x76, SVGA (800x600), SXGA (1280x1024)

    Am ready to provide further info on this issue if reqd.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. ......


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    Not really following you here and I am not familiar with Arch Linux. Are you having trouble with your display now? There should be a backup of the XF86config file in /etc/X11. You could restore that. The last problem you mentioned was an error related to the mouse. If you can post your config file here we may be able to help. Been a while though. Is it /etc/X11/XF86Config that we need to see?
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