I'm new here and thought I'd start here with this question. Let me know if another forum is better.

The basic question is, does XFree86-4.3 have any problems with bitmap handling and XFillRectangle?

Here are the details.
I have an application that draws rectangles into bitmaps (depth 1 pixmaps). These bitmaps are set as the stipple bitmap within corresponding full color GCs for a full color pixmap. The intent is to use XFillRectangle to stamp each bitmap into the pixmap with the display being the rectangle.

This works fine in RHEL 4 with xorg-X11-6.8.2-1.EL.13.36 and not so fine with RHEL 3 with XFree86-4.3.0-62.EL. On RHEL 3, only some of the bitmaps appear in the final display. I figure the bitmaps are good, because I substitute XCopyPlane for XFillRectangle and get them to appear. I'd use XCopyPlane but it is way to slow for the amount of drawing I'm doing (literally billions of rectangles).

Since it works in the one case, I'm hoping I'm just missing something simple like an initialization. Are there any inherent differences between the two releases? Where might these be listed?

(Also, are there any good resources on programming X other than the O'Reilly books?)