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    xmodmap where to configure?

    Hi users,

    I have configured the volume up/down and mute-key in ~/.Xmodmap and they work! But, where can I change the volume-step-size? Each press change about 11% and if combinied with Ctrl, then it change about 2%. But I want to change this values, but where?

    Thank you for any help!

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    I found this at this link: Dell Inspiron Multimedia Keys in XFCE
    To add a new keybinding click the "add" under the "Shortcuts" box. This will prompt for a command. This is where you need to know what software your going to be controlling with your multimedia keys. You can mute / unmute your Master mixer with the mute button, and it will work with all apps, or you can use keybindings for your specific multimedia player.

    The command: amixer -q set Master toggle can be set and when it asks for you to press the key combination, press the "mute" multimedia key.
    The command: dcop amarok player mute can be used to mute Amarok player, once again when prompted hit the "mute" multimedia key.

    You can use the VolumeDown key either system wide or application wide, much like the mute button, this is totally left up to you for your own personal preferences

    The command : amixer -q set PCM 2- unmute will decrease the volume of the PCM mixer by 2 levels
    The command : dcop amarok player volumeDown will decrease the volume in Amarok player (by about 4% each time it's pressed)

    The volumeup multimedia key works just like the volumedown key but with an opposite effect of course

    The command: amixer -q set PCM 2+ unmute will increaste the PCM level by 2 each time pressed
    The command: dcop amarok player volumeUp will increase the volume by about 4% in Amarok player only

    see if this is what you need or point you closer to the solution

    I just found this as well: /dev/loki: Mapping unsupported keys with xmodmap

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