So I've got two problems. But first a background. I installed the nvidia drivers for my computer today, and was actually suprised to see the Nvidia screen show up before the login screen, as the readme saays it would. now hardware acceleration works fine (i checked with chromium ) . In any case, when the login screen popped up, The text for the "welcome to ****" "please sign in your username" or whatever it says, is large. I mean it doesn't fit into the spot, so its kind of very annoying to use. NOt that I see it often, but its just one of those things.

The second problem I'm having is with the splash screen that comes up, showing what is loading for the session. THis doesn't actually go away after everything is loaded and the session has started, so I'm wondering if anyone knows what's up with tthat.

Also, while I'm at it, I was hoping to change the graphic or the layout of the LILO boot loader I have, its just kind of ugly.

Also, while I'm att it , why not ask this! Is there a way to disable the automatic Mandrake boot up bar... I always press escape, because I actually want to know if everythings loading right, but I was wondering if there was a way to disable it so I don't have to do that each time it loads and unloads.

Thanks ahead of time for everything. I've spent this weekend customizing my comp, so I thought I'd go all out.

(EDIT: I just thought of another question... since I installed nvidia, it seems like my resizing operations are just a little bit slow... anywone know why this might be the case?)