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    problem with XFree 4.3

    i just installed XFree86-4.3-5 and its kidna messed up my system. first thign is that it crashes the X server every tiem i try to log into it. eith by typing startx or by having it start on boot and logging in there. It doesnt come up with any messages it just restarts back to the login screen. only way i can get into it is by typing xinit at a terminal then typing starticewm (yes i use icewm, coz my system is only 233mhz 32 mb ram 2mb vid). only thign i can see that might be messing it up is a thign called dm (desktop manager?) that i dont remember being there before.

    I have had the same problem when i installed perl 5.8 without some of the dependancies. Maybe isntalling perl5.8 now i (think) i have the dependacies will fix it?

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    After the X server crashes and restarts, check /var/log/XFree86.0.log.old for the last messages output by the server.

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