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    hi all,

    i installed fc6 on my harddrive and below is the diskfree (df ) message i got

    filesystem size used avail user Mounted on
    /dev/mapper/volgroup00-logval00 20gb 3.2gb 12gb 32% /
    /dev/hda6 211M 16M 60M 11% /boot
    tmps 99M 0 99M /dev/shm

    now my requirement is

    I want to make one partiation as read only ( assume root ) and another partiation as read write ......because

    i want to store my application program (script program ) in read write & execute in that area only in case any sytem crash or power failure it will losed so anoter copy of my application must be in read only that i can copy from that in my application (script program )

    is this possible if yes how ?

    or any other alternations ?

    please help as early as possible...

    thanks in advance

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    Edit your /etc/fstab so that the line corresponding to / looks like this (assuming /dev/sda5 is your root partition.
     /dev/sda5 / ext3 ro 1 1
    To find out which partition is root (/) use mount. When I do this I get the follwing output which means /dev/sda5 is my root partition.
    /dev/sda5 on / type  ext3 <plus extra info>
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