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Yes, you are right...

I had already looked for all nvidia stuff in the repos...

I've given up and installed Ubuntu instead of plain Debian. I knew it would work from the live CD. And it does. Also the wireless works, out of the box.

Thanks for your efforts anyway.
For Debian Lenny 5.04 (64bit) My resolution was an appalling 480 after installing Nvidia drivers(finally!) But fixed as below.

log out using C-Alt-F5

log back in as root then type su - to ensure root access

type pico /etc/X11/xorg.conf to bring up the xorg file in pico editor(command line)

change 'monitor' values from 'unknown' to 'whatever your make and model are' ie 'HP' 'HPw2007v'

Reboot and voila a full selection of resolutions available.

This worked for me in Debian Lenny 5.04

I was about to give up and install Ubuntu but have now kept the installation having resolved this important issue (and rather simply!)